Mission Statement

The Cardiopulmonary Department is a team of licensed Respiratory Care Practitioners that provide Therapeutic and Diagnostic Respiratory and Cardiac Care services for inpatients, outpatients and long-term care residents to improve the quality of health and life while ensuring congruency with the Mission of the District.

Scope of Service

The Department of Cardiopulmonary serves patients of all ages. The department meets the patient's care needs by providing diagnostic evaluation, therapy and education to the patient, family; and the public.

The scope and complexity of patient care needs met by this department include diagnostic activities such as obtaining and analyzing physiologic specimens, interpreting physiologic data and performing tests and studies of the cardiopulmonary system.

Therapy provided includes, thorough assessment by chart review, patient and family interview, administration of medical gases (excluding anesthetic gases and environmental control systems), artificial airway care, mechanical ventilation support, bronchopulmonary hygiene, pharmacological agents related to respiratory care procedures and cardiopulmonary rehabilitation.

RT is a support service that is utilized by all patient care departments throughout the hospital. The RT Department is staffed 24 hours per day 365 days per year.

The level of care provided meets our patient needs by assessment of care requirements and implementation of care plans developed in conjunction with the Physician's order.

The practice guidelines utilized by the RT Department include those found in the Department Policy and Procedure Manual, which have been written in accordance with current Respiratory Care Standards as set forth by the American Association of Respiratory Care.

The goal of the RT Department is to meet the needs of our patients, their families, and the community. A specific goal for the coming year is to develop and implement policies that will conserve hospital resources while maintaining quality care.

Contact Information

Telephone: (805) 737-3383

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