Personnel Committee

Lompoc Valley Medical Center


September 18, 2012

11:30 AM, Board Room


Introductory Note 

The acronym "I/D/A" next to an agenda item will indicate whether or not the item is a subject for information, discussion, action, or any combination of those options.

Call to Order 

Old Business

Certified Medical Interpreter Process          I/D

Language Proficiency Testing - Complete

Web Advanced Medical Interpreter Training - In Process


Recruitment/Retention       I/D

CCC Administrator Update      I/D

  • Monthly Vacancy Status

  • FTE Monitor Report

Lost Time Injury Monthly Report     I/D

New Business                                                                                              

2013 Benefits Open Enrollment is Underway     I/D

  • Contribution Rate Increase in 2013


Workers’ Compensation Analysis & Report   I/D

  • Recent Activity

One (1) 457 Hardship Request Approved     I/D/A

One (1) Request for Tuition Assistance         I/D/A 


Date Posted:   September 14, 2012

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