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Privacy is an important issue at Lompoc Valley Medical Center. In an effort to help you understand better about your medical records, we have provided answers to many frequently asked questions about patient medical records. You may also be interested to read about the HIPAA regulations.

How can I get a copy of my records?

If an individual wants all of their records and they have a decent size chart there is a copy service that we have come in on Wednesdays to copy charts. There is a charge for anything over 10 pages. Those charges would be a flat fee of $9.75 plus $.25 per page. You are not allowed anybody else's records without them signing a request here in the office. If an individual comes into the office, they need to tell us what kind of records they are looking for and then fill out a request and sign it. After they sign the request we take their id and make a copy to attach to the back of the request and give them the records. (back to top)

Who has access to my medical records?

People who have access to all medical records are any law enforcement agency: sheriff, coroner, FBI, local police departments, etc. Child Protect services and any other agencies that deal with the well being of a minor also have access to most records. Other doctor's offices and hospitals request records through our department and all we need from them is a request for records signed by the patient. (back to top)

What if I am unable to get my own records?

In case of an emergency it is best for the patient to have a durable power of attorney either completed or on file with us. That way if the patient isn't able to request their own records their d.p.o.a. comes into affect and their agents can come in and request records. We do have Advanced Directives here in the office for anybody that would like them, free of charge. (back to top)

Am I able to request my children's records?

Parents are allowed to obtain their children's records from us as long as the child is under the age of 18. If they are older than that the child will need to come in and request their own records. (back to top)


Should I get a copy of my records if I move?

It is a good idea to come and get your most recent records when you move. That way the new doctor will get a feel for what you had done in Lompoc. It isn't necessary to obtain all of your records though because sometimes the doctors won't need all of it. (back to top)

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