Health Information Management

Mission Statement

The Health Information Management Department is the caretaker of medical records. They collect all medical information into a chart and disperse patient information as needed to all other departments within the hospital and as necessary to outside agencies, while maintaining confidentiality and security of all our medical records.

Scope of Service

The HIM Department is responsible for all requests of all patient's care needs by making the medical record information easily assessable to all other departments and clinicians at all times and to the patient's when records are requested for follow-up care of their treatment.

The scope and complexity of patient's care needs met by this department include the transcribing of the Physicians dictation and the availability and access of the patients record for continuity of care. The appropriateness, clinical necessity, and timeliness of support services is provided by or through the HIM department by the HIM Director, coders, analyst, transcriptions, and clerks.

Normal staffing hours in the HIM department is available during the hours of 6:30 am - 8pm Monday - Friday and weekend coverage 7am - 4:30pm. After hours the house supervisor handles the coverage for the HIM Department, and if needed the HIM beeper or home phone can reach Director.

The level of care or services provided by the HIM department meets the patient's needs by the accessibility of the medical record information.

The standard and or practice guidelines utilized by the HIM department include the following: the HIM Policy and Procedure Manual, CHA Consent Manual, Health Information Manual, JCAHO and Title22 Standards, and the Rules and Regulations and Bylaws of the Medical Staff.

Contact Information

Telephone: (805) 737- 3330

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