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Emergency Department

Mission Statement

The Emergency Department is a specialized and qualified Team that provides emergent, urgent, and non urgent care 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for “all people” to accomplish the mission of the Lompoc Healthcare District.

Scope of Service

The Emergency Department offers emergency health services twenty-four hours a day to patients of all ages. The Department is responsible for the immediate treatment of any medical or surgical emergency, for initiating lifesaving procedures in all types of emergency situations, and for providing emergency care for other conditions, including chronic medical problems and minor injuries and illnesses. The department is staffed with experienced physicians, and one that serves as the Medical Director and is board certified, with one physician on duty at any time. The nursing staff, headed by a trained RN who is experienced in Emergency Nursing, consists of registered nurses, and two licensed vocational nurses all of whom share staffing coverage (two nurses licensed twenty-four hours a day). Medical Staff specialty consultation is provided on a twenty-four hour basis.

The Department fulfills the following responsibilities:

  • Evaluates patients' emergency health needs, stabilizing insofar as possible those patients with life-threatening conditions and providing services that are immediately indicated
  • Provides definitive care for patients not requiring in-depth or follow-up care
  • Establish and sustain the necessary training programs to provide Emergency Department and emergency personnel with the basic skills to intervene in life-threatening situations.

Patients with certain conditions may need to be transferred to another acute facility after initial evaluation and treatment are provided.

  • Psychiatric conditions
  • burns requiring the service of a burn center
  • pediatric or neonatal cases requiring special care
  • neurological or cardiac cases requiring special services/ equipment
  • traumatic injuries requiring specialized care
  • Dialysis

The Department is committed to follow laws and regulations established by the California Nurse Practice Act, JCAHO, Title 22 state Regulations, the Lippincott Manual of Nursing, LDH Nursing Policy and Procedure Manual, and the Emergency Department Policy and Procedure Manual of Lompoc District Hospital.

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Telephone: (805) 737-3333

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