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Power Outages

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  • Written By: Nora Wallace
Power Outages

Power outages can occur for a variety of reasons – including earthquakes, floods, wildfires or a Public Safety Power Shut-off, or PSPS.

PG&E has recently announced plans to shut off power during critical fire activity to reduce the risk of wildfire. The Public Safety Power Shutoff may lead to multi-day outages throughout California during periods of extremely hot, dry and/or windy weather.

Preparing for an PPS Fact Sheet

Preparing for an PPS Fact Sheet (Espanol)

Residents are being advised that outages of 3-5 days may occur.

Lompoc Valley Medical Center and Lompoc Health are prepared for any power-related emergencies, but we want to make sure you are as well, especially if you are dependent on electricity for medical equipment or other healthcare-related needs.

As you would with any disaster preparation, the time to prepare is now. Take an inventory of items you need that rely on electricity, including oxygen concentrator, CPAP, wheelchair, garage door, refrigerated medications, ventilator, at-home dialysis and more.

For medical-related needs, speak with your healthcare provider, home health provider or hospice agency about a power outage plan. Find out how long your medications will be effective without refrigeration.

The Santa Barbara County Public Health Department has created a flyer to help you prepare for a power outage if you are dependent on electricity for healthcare.

The flyer is available for download in English and Spanish at