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Rehabilitation Services

We offer inpatient and outpatient physical therapy.

Because of injury or illness, you may struggle to perform everyday tasks, an experience that can be frustrating and even painful. When injury or illness causes you to be less independent, you'll want the team at your side to be committed to helping you resume your daily activities. We offer comprehensive services, programs, and therapies designed to meet your specific goals.

Our physical therapy and rehabilitation specialists can design a personal treatment program to help you regain function and independence.

An injury to a bone, joint, tendon, ligament, or muscle may cause pain, limited mobility, or loss of strength. These impairments may prevent you from enjoying your normal work or recreational activities. Our focus is to help your injury heal properly.

Outpatient physical therapy is initiated with a recent physician order and continued with renewed orders every 30 days. Inpatient PT is started within 24 hours of receipt of a physician order.

Discharge of the patient occurs when:

  • Physical Therapy goals are met.
  • The patient has reached the maximum benefit from the therapy services.
  • The patient refuses or misses three consecutive visits.
  • The physician discharges the patient from the hospital or therapy.

Our Rehabilitation Services

Occupational Therapy

Focuses on restoring a person's ability to perform daily functional life skills such as dressing, hygiene, and meal preparation.

Pelvic Therapy

Our skilled and compassionate Rehabilitation Services team provides specialized pelvic floor therapy for men and women, using advanced techniques to help you with pelvic and abdominal health issues.

Physical Therapy

Our business is helping you relearn how to use your body while improving your flexibility, strength, and coordination. For more information call: LVMC PT at (805) 737-3388 North H Center at (805) 737-8740

Speech-Language Therapy

We work closely with the patients, family members, or caregivers to provide education to improve outcomes and carryover of skills.