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Take a Break

  • Category: Health & Wellness
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  • Written By: Tonya Shultz, PhD, LMFT

Have you ever been told to just cool it- calm down - settle down - let go – relax? 
The missing ingredient is, HOW do you do it? -HOW do you slow down-calm down-relax? 

This is a quick method for regrouping, relaxing, calming, and reducing stress. 

The entire process will take one minute. 

Here we go…

  1. Lean over a sink. 
  2. Heat a washcloth with very hot water.  
  3. Hold the washcloth to your face as you lean over the sink. 
  4. Allow facial and body muscles to relax.   
  5. Breathe in deeply, breathe out slowly several times over the next minute. 
  6. Feel the heat on your face from your hot washcloth. 
  7. Take sixty seconds to repeat the slow deep breathing.
  8. Then listen to how you feel after this one-minute heat treatment for your face. 
  9. Smile 
  10. Breathe deeply in, and exhale slowly. 
  11. Notice your level of relaxation. 

This is a healing tool for your self-care toolbox.