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COVID-19 Hospital Visitation Update

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  • Written By: Naishadh Buch, PharmD
COVID-19 Hospital Visitation Update

COVID-19 remains a concern to public health and, in order to prevent its further spread in hospitals, the following limited and temporary public health requirements are necessary at this time.

LVMC will either verify that visitors are fully vaccinated or, for unvaccinated or incompletely vaccinated visitors, verify documentation of a negative SARS-CoV-2 test within the prior 48 hours of requested entry. In the absence of either, visitors may not be granted entry into the facility (some exceptions apply, see ‘Visitor Exceptions’ below).


  • Visitors do not need to be designated in advance by the patient.
  • All patients may have up to two visitors from the same household at the same time, provided physical distancing can be accomplished and visitors comply with hospital visitor guidelines.
  • Specialty Service Patients. All specialty service patients may have up to two visitors or support person(s) who do not need to be from the same household at the same time, provided physical distancing can be accomplished, for specific patient groups or ensure support for their mental health and well-being. The following are considered the ‘specialty service patients’.
    1. Pediatric
    2. Labor and Delivery Patients. In addition to the support person(s), a doula, if desired by the patient, is permitted to be present if prior arrangements have been made with the hospital. The doula must comply with hospital PPE and infection control guidelines.
    3. Patients at End of Life
    4. Patients with Physical, Intellectual, and/or Developmental Disabilities and Patients with Cognitive Impartments.
    5. Surgery Patients
      • a. Up to two visitors are permitted until the patient is taken into the surgical preparation (provided physical distancing can be accomplished).
      • b. Up to two visitors when the patient is in recovery and preparing for discharge. Visitors may use waiting rooms if they are set up to maintain distance between individuals and groups and wear appropriate facial covering at all times in the waiting room.
  • Visitor Exceptions. While visitors may be permitted, the requirements for PPE and physical distancing shall still pertain. The House Supervisor/designee has the authority to determine when an exception applies. The following visitors are exempt from the vaccination status screening questions and testing requirements.
    • a. Visitors to a patient in critical condition, when death may be imminent.
    • b. Adults accompanying pediatric patients.
    • c. Caregivers for disabled patients.
    • d. Other individuals in a similar situation may be allowed to enter without proof of vaccination or testing, on a case-by-case basis.

LVMC-Provided Testing

LVMC will offer antigen testing or home test kits for:

  • For visitors not fully vaccinated, screening staff shall offer
  • Screening staff shall provide a testing kit to the visitor, along with
    • a. If the test is negative, the visitor shall be allowed
    • b. If the test is positive, the visitor shall be instructed to return to their vehicle, and await further instructions. Screening staff shall then notify Infection Control (House Supervisor, after normal business hours) of the test results.