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The Foundation

The Foundation

The Lompoc Hospital District Foundation (simply known as The Foundation) dedicates itself to the belief that each person in the Lompoc Valley must have convenient access to medical facilities close to home. These facilities must be able to provide emergency, preventative, curative and rehabilitative healthcare.

Since our start in 1990, The Foundation has played a vital role in assuring access to modern healthcare services in Lompoc Valley. With our philanthropic support for capital improvements, we have enabled Lompoc Valley Medical Center to completely revolutionize the face of healthcare in Lompoc.

We are fortunate to have the services and programs provided by Lompoc Valley Medical Center. These facilities provide quality healthcare in a caring environment close to our family and friends. Committed to providing state of the art care, Lompoc Valley Medical Center ensures that affordable and quality services are accessible to all residents.

The Foundation’s membership is now well over 3,500 people, with a Foundation Board of Trustees with almost 100 members.

Our Mission

The mission of the Lompoc Hospital District Foundation is:

  • For the development, operation and maintenance of healthcare facilities, programs, and services through the procurement and extension of financial aid toward the operation, maintenance and modernization of facilities for the Lompoc Healthcare District.
  • To assure that the greatest amount of hospital services may be extended to the greatest number of persons served by the Lompoc Healthcare District.
  • Programs shall be established for educational programs that will foster improved health for the citizens of the Lompoc Healthcare District.
  • The Foundation will provide the means to assess and determine community health care needs; to state them realistically; to formulate plans to obtain these objectives; and to encourage public interest, acceptance, and support of specific projects necessary to achieve the organization's purpose.

Non-Profit Status and Tax Deductions

When you contribute to the foundation you realize not only the personal satisfaction of supporting excellent health care initiatives but also gain a tax advantage.

Organized under the non-profit public corporation laws of the state of California, the Foundation has a 501 C3 tax-exempt status under the internal revenue code Tax ID#770 262 454. This means that The Foundation is recognized by federal and state governments as a charitable non-profit organization, therefore, all gifts are tax-deductible to the extent they do not exceed the contribution limitations of the tax laws.

Our History of Growth

In the 1990’s The Foundation provided funds for the Lompoc Hospital’s emergency department expansions, room renovations, new bed purchases, and other capital improvements. This major undertaking was made possible by the completion of the Foundations first Capital Campaign.

In 1995 the state passed senate bill 1953 which requires all acute care facilities to meet rigid earthquake standards or close by 2030. When the costs to retrofit the old hospital exceeded $10 million Lompoc Valley Medical Center board of directors decided to pursue the construction of a new hospital.

Measure E was passed in September 2005 by a wide margin. This approval authorized the board of directors to sell $74.5 million in bonds to fund the new hospital project. These bonds could only pay for the building's construction. Other very important needs like the land for the site of the new hospital, moveable equipment, and furniture had to be purchased using other sources. Instead, the philanthropic support from The Foundation made the project’s completion possible by purchasing the land and successfully completing a $4 million capital campaign to raise funds to purchase the vital equipment and furniture.

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A member-elected board of trustees governs the Foundation and forms our committees. These committees see to the effective operation of the Foundation and its activities. Our various committee members volunteer their time and talents and receive no compensation.