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Hospitalist Program

Hospitalists typically spend most or all of their work day in the hospital and thus can be more readily available to a patient than a doctor who spends much the day outside the hospital in an office or clinic setting.

By focusing his or her practice on the care of the hospitalized patient, a hospitalist can gain a great deal of experience in the unique aspects of a patient's needs during the hospital stay. Their activities include patient care, coordination of consultations, ordering of tests and therapeutic care, active involvement on committees, and leadership related to Hospital Medicine.

Hospitalists also improve the care that a hospital provides by helping streamline the operations of the hospital. Since they are at the hub of the ‘clinical care’ wheel, hospitalists are able to more readily coordinate the efforts of the many people involved in a person’s care. This allows them to respond much more quickly whenever a patient or family member has a question or a concern. This contrasts with office-based doctors, who often see their hospitalized patients only during morning or evening rounds.

What is a Hospitalist?

Hospitalists at Lompoc Valley Medical Center: Hospital are the attending physician who coordinates your care while you are in the hospital. They order labs, MRIs, CT scans, and prescribe medications. They consult with specialists, nurses, and case managers during your hospitalization. The term "hospitalist" refers to physicians whose practice emphasizes providing care for hospitalized patients.

Our Hospitalists

ApolloMD, an Atlanta-based company emphasizing quality care, efficiency, communication and patient experience, manages LVMC’s Hospitalist Program. ApolloMD also manages the provider staffing for the LVMC Emergency Department.

Ahmad Nooristani, MD, will be the Medical Director of the LVMC Hospital Medicine Service.

In addition to Dr. Nooristani, LVMC’s Hospitalists include:

  • Ali Alktaifi, MD
  • Martin Duclos, MD
  • Khawar Gul, MD
  • Elham Novin-Baheran, MD
  • Kareem Yostos, MD
  • Hingwan Yu, MD
  • Marlon Bazan, PA-C