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Embarking on a Journey to Wellness

  • Patient: Alanna Howell
  • Date Submitted: Feb 14, 2024

“ “He sat me down and very thoroughly explained what he would do,” she said. “I was so appreciative of that.””

Imagine facing health challenges for years and finally discovering a solution that transforms your life. Alanna Howell experienced just that when she sought treatment from Dr. Eugene Kaplan at Lompoc Health.

Alanna describes her path to healing as a “very long journey.” Dr. Kaplan, with his surgical expertise, played a pivotal role in addressing her health issues, primarily centered around sensitive topics like bladder concerns and incontinence.

In her quest for a solution, Alanna had numerous appointments with different physicians, eventually leading her to Dr. Kaplan. Recalling her initial meeting with him, she appreciates how he took the time to thoroughly explain the proposed treatment. “He sat me down and very thoroughly explained what he would do,” she said. “I was so appreciative of that.”

Alanna’s first surgery, in November 2022, involved reconstructive work to address a symptomatic genital prolapse. Subsequently, about six months later, a second surgery was performed to alleviate stress urinary incontinence, a common issue in women who have given birth.

Dr. Kaplan employed a modified Remmex procedure for Alanna’s surgical treatment. This involved inserting a sling-like urethral support, adjustable as needed throughout a patient’s lifetime. Alanna, a mother of four, praised Dr. Kaplan for his transparency and honesty throughout the process. “He explained every step to me, about putting in a device and controlling my bladder,” she said. “That was a success. He was very honest with me. That’s why I respect him so much. I’m so appreciative.”

Dr. Kaplan speaking with Alana in an exam room

Highlighting the outpatient nature of the surgery, Dr. Kaplan ensured that Alanna could return for sling tension adjustments as needed. Alanna’s follow-up appointment revealed a positive change from experiencing leaks to being completely dry.

Living with incontinence was described by Alanna as “horrible.” Dr. Kaplan not only addressed the physical aspect of her condition but also provided emotional support. “I was so amazed with him,” she said. “Even after my surgery, he’d call me at home. How many doctors do that?”

Alanna emphasized the importance of having Dr. Kaplan locally, citing the inconvenience she would have faced if she had to travel to UCLA Medical Center for a similar procedure. “It’s very important to have him here,” she added. “When I found he was there (Lompoc Health), I was just ecstatic.”

In summary, Alanna’s experience with Dr. Kaplan at Lompoc Health showcases Dr. Kaplan’s commitment to explaining procedures, offering continuous support, and ensuring accessibility, and underscores his positive impact on his patients’ well-being.