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Kim Nelson, Employee of the Quarter for LVMC

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Kim Nelson, Employee of the Quarter for LVMC

Congratulations to LVMC Employee of the Quarter Kim Nelson. Kim, a Clinical Informatics Analyst, has worked at LVMC for 10 years. She said when it dawned on her that she was to be the recipient, she wanted to run. “I’m shocked, I’m shaking,” she said, tears in her eyes. “It’s exciting, I’m excited,” she said. “But I just think, we have over 700 employees …they’re so wonderful.”

Employees are selected as Employee of the Quarter for traits such as competency, positive attitude, loyalty, courtesy, empathy, sensitivity and adaptability, among others.

Kim started in the hospital as an administrative secretary for both Maintenance and Information Systems, a position she held for about four years. For the past six years, she’s been in her current job. She is now is responsible for working with the hospital’s software program known as Allscripts, or SCM. The electronic health record program is used by physicians and nurses and she must interact with staff using the program. She also helps customize the programs for physicians.

“We try and improve it as much as we can to make it more efficient for the nurses and physicians to do their jobs, to do the charting and make sure it’s correct,” Kim explains.

She said she’s always grateful Chief Information Officer Jim White and Clinical Informatics Specialist Jayme Tuskan had the confidence in her to allow her to try the analyst position, despite her lack of computer training. “I really, really love it,” Kim said.

Kim worked on a side project and excelled at the work, making her a great candidate for her job, Jayme said.

“She is the embodiment of what an Employee of the Quarter should be,” Jayme said. “She’s loyal, hardworking, forward-thinking. She’s just a good, hard worker. She’s very personable. If somebody needs something, she drops everything and she’s there to help. She’s just it. She’s a problem-solver; what she doesn’t know she’ll figure out.”

Kim received a number of nominations from physicians. “Kim is always there when you need her,” said Dr. Rod Huss. “Her SCM skills are exceptional and she always helps with a smile.” Emergency Room physician Dr. Steven Reichel noted that he could not work with the electronic program without Kim.

“She is always helpful, pleasant and readily available,” he wrote. “She always follows through.” Kim her favorite part of the job is when she’s able to improve the program to make it easier for the clinical side. “I just don’t see it as a job; I like helping people,” Kim said. “I just can’t do the clinical side because I get so emotional with people. I get attached.”

Kim, an “Air Force brat,” moved to Lompoc in 1972 and is a 1978 graduate of Lompoc High School. “I love Lompoc,” says Kim, who helps fundraise for Lompoc High baseball and football. “I love our little community. I really, really do. I try to help the community out as much as possible. I feel this is the perfect place for me.”

Kim said her job continues to grow and evolve, since laws change and systems must be updated. “I am very truly humbled and blessed,” by the award, Kim said. “I always hope they think I’m doing a good job. Lompoc Valley Medical Center has a lot of amazing employees.”