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Lompoc Health – Sleep Disorder Center

About This Location

We recognize the connection between a good night's sleep and good health.

Lompoc Health recognizes the connection between sleep and good health. Our Sleep Disorder Center is designed with comfort in mind. Large private rooms are outfitted with queen-size beds, comfortable mattresses, luxurious comforters, and fluffy pillows.

Our goal is to help you achieve a healthy and productive lifestyle, using the most modern diagnostics and treatments.

A sleep study involves the analysis of the body’s sleep patterns. Technicians place special sensors to record the activity of your heart, lungs, brain, and muscles while you sleep. Monitors gauge the airflow from your nose and mouth, as well as the oxygen level in your blood.

Treatments and Therapy

Treatments and therapies vary, depending on the type of sleep disorder.

Some include:

  • Positive airway pressure devices that help to keep the airway open during sleep
  • Medication
  • Surgery in the nasal/airway region
  • Lifestyle changes
  • Weight loss and exercise
  • Dental appliances

When the study is completed, your physician will get the results within one or two weeks. Depending on the resulting diagnosis, either the doctor ordering the study or the sleep physician will handle any necessary treatment.

With some sleep-related disorders, such as sleep apnea, it may be necessary to return for a second study.

We accept a wide variety of insurance. However, we suggest you contact your primary care physician's office or your insurance company for pre-authorization before you schedule a sleep study.

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We are here to listen, understand and work with you to help you find a personalized solution to your specific situation.

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