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Bariatric Nutrition Education

Unlock a Healthier You: Mastering Nutrition Post-Bariatric Surgery

Embark on a transformative journey with our comprehensive video guide, led by the expert guidance of Hayley Esdaile, Registered Dietitian. Discover the secrets to successful dietary management post-bariatric surgery, ensuring a smoother, healthier transition to your new lifestyle.

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What You'll Learn:

  • Expert Nutritional Guidance: Navigate your post-surgery diet with confidence, from understanding what to expect immediately after surgery to mastering long-term nutritional habits.
  • Hydration and Protein Intake: Learn the crucial role of staying hydrated and meeting your protein needs, with practical tips and insights for everyday adherence.
  • Tackling Common Challenges: Gain insights into managing common post-operative concerns like dumping syndrome and ensuring optimal vitamin and mineral intake for lasting health.
  • Meal Planning Made Simple: Simplify your dietary journey with our practical meal planning tips, ensuring you enjoy a varied, nutritious diet without the stress.

Whether you're at the start of your post-bariatric journey or looking to refine your dietary habits, this video is your ultimate companion, offering expert advice, practical tips, and the support you need to thrive on your path to a healthier you.

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Watch our video and take the first step towards mastering your post-bariatric nutrition and embracing a vibrant, healthier life.

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  3. Your dietitian will follow-up with you.